As we race to the finish line. The things, the beautiful things we left behind. You look for love in diamonds. I see love in light. So enlighten my soul with the sky reaching down beneath my skin. I am the child of freedom. Enslave me for long, you can’t. I will violate the darkness I left behind. I will transgress the beauty of my mind. I will fly. Float away into the sky. 

The trace I left behind, spent with thought in time. As I bleed the joy of every last drop of life left in the corner, deep dark corner of my soul. O my lovely Icarus, don’t fly too close to the sun. I discern your wings melting away. If it’s not the picture of freedom then to hell with this life. I gathered up myself, packed my bag. As I saw Icarus soar into the sun. The deep blue sky

-Osama Bin Khalid

My Poems

Radiating Shadows

I looked up at the dying light
The earth embracing the sun
The love-meet of the horizon
And yet under these shadows
These deep dark shadows
My demons lurk closely
Free of fear, free of the phantom pain
I look back
At my footsteps, the trace I left behind
The thought crosses my mind
Was I ever something, someone? Will I ever be someone?
Or will I let my fears take it all away?
Until the day I finally get to be that someone
Somewhat soliciting from this world
This eternal abyss
And the weak abysmal love I hold in my breast
I’ll wake up someday
I’ll go home that day
I’ll know who I am
I’ll know what I will be
You are who I want
Home is where I need to be

-Osama Bin Khalid


F1 WDC 2016

Well, on this day November 27, 2016 Nico Rosberg takes away the World Driver’s Championship after pushing hard throughout this year. Amazing effort from him and he sure has made his father Keke Rosberg proud. Like father like Son. Well done Nico. Wish you luck for next year as the cars are going to be a bit more competitive and hope they ease up on the regulations too. It’ll surely be a hard season as Jensen Button and Felipe Massa walk away from formula 1.

Congratulations Nico. Best of luck for the future.

My Poems


Let the truth suffice
Who you are
What you hold inside
The world you see
The things you hide
For them all
Let the truth suffice
Lies divide
Concealing them inside
Slowly eating away at your soul
When I lie awake
In the dead of the night
With hindsight I realize
Lies divide
So let the truth suffice
Trapped in the cage
In the cells of ourselves
You dwell
In the monotonous thing
You call a life
For once, break the spell
Live your life
Life of your fantasies
Envisioned by your mind
Don’t lie
Instead, Let the truth suffice

-Osama Bin Khalid

My Poems

Muffled Aches

The aching in my heart
Striking my soul as a dart
I fail to recognize
The love I want, the soul I need
Is right beside me
Waiting for my love
Wanting for my love
But I sojourn
In the lands of my fantasy
Instead of looking
At What could have been
I took a leap
Left my pestilent self
Back in the past
Now I’m looking
At What will be
For it takes a moment
For you to realize
The love you want
Is far gone
But the love you need
Is right beside you
Waiting for your love
Wanting for your love

-Osama Bin Khalid

My Poems


​Move on

I was told

I had everything under my name, sold

I saw my thoughts, my dreams

Getting old

I let my visions slip by

In my vicious ignorance

My slumber got bold

The sun rose

The stars shone

The dreams I once had in my mind, blown

World was as it was ages ago

It was me who

Before even tried, fold
It was there when I made it

Crafted a promise to my own self

I will rise above my pestilent thoughts

Cry for help, I won’t

By the dawn of that day

I will soar above my fray

Won’t let my emotions stray

As I stand here in pity

Everything around me turns gray
It was then, I looked into

The eyes of the world

It was then, I knew

I was stronger

It wasn’t me who needed the world

It was the world that needed me
-Osama bin Khalid