Now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good!

-John Steinbeck

We are so busy existing that we forget to live. We take life as a marathon. This endless run people, it ain’t gonna end well for you, trust me. From the moment we blink our eyes for the first time, we’re thrown into a world where you are required to be perfect. Your parents want you to excel in studies. They want you to ace everything. When you come of age and go out into this big dark cold hearted place they call this world. I said “cold-hearted”. Some day I’ll elaborate on that too, how places you’ve been they retain a little bit of your heart then make one of their own. 

You don’t have to be perfect. When have you ever seen perfect in this world? So be good. Try to find a way into other people’s hearts. Try to excel beyond these limited short-sighted societies. Strengthen yourself with a little bit of meditation every now and then. Love that you give out falls upon you as a light that illuminates your soul. Gather up the broken pieces of others and one day, maybe, just maybe you’ll be PERFECT!


-Osama Bin Khalid



As we race to the finish line. The things, the beautiful things we left behind. You look for love in diamonds. I see love in light. So enlighten my soul with the sky reaching down beneath my skin. I am the child of freedom. Enslave me for long, you can’t. I will violate the darkness I left behind. I will transgress the beauty of my mind. I will fly. Float away into the sky. 

The trace I left behind, spent with thought in time. As I bleed the joy of every last drop of life left in the corner, deep dark corner of my soul. O my lovely Icarus, don’t fly too close to the sun. I discern your wings melting away. If it’s not the picture of freedom then to hell with this life. I gathered up myself, packed my bag. As I saw Icarus soar into the sun. The deep blue sky

-Osama Bin Khalid


F1 WDC 2016

Well, on this day November 27, 2016 Nico Rosberg takes away the World Driver’s Championship after pushing hard throughout this year. Amazing effort from him and he sure has made his father Keke Rosberg proud. Like father like Son. Well done Nico. Wish you luck for next year as the cars are going to be a bit more competitive and hope they ease up on the regulations too. It’ll surely be a hard season as Jensen Button and Felipe Massa walk away from formula 1.

Congratulations Nico. Best of luck for the future.


Serene life

I looked up at the sky
Agitation filled my eye
Tears rolled down my cheek
As I thought more about life
I realized, I could not breathe
My imagination runs wild
As I ponder upon the deep tide
The turbulent life
I envision it in my mind
In that instant
I see a light
At the far end of the horizon
Or is it just my imagination
In that light
Ideating a picture of that perfect life
Living deep in my fantasies
The light strikes hard into my soul
Brings me back from the hole
I dug for myself
Threw myself in it
In that instant
I see that light
As a ray of hope
The mean to escape my fright

In that moment
Gratitude fills my heart
Appreciation for life
I am serene
My soul is in peace
I experience the tranquility

As once turbulent sense of mind
Is transformed
Into an example full of life
For I am serene
My soul is in peace


Introvets hate people, a common misconception.

“Why do you even come to school if you don’t want to participate in the group discussions?” These were the words of my Science teacher back when I started 9th grade. 

I wasn’t always an introvert. My surroundings and people around me played a substantial role in secluding me to the premises of my room. I always used to think that introverts were born that way. And many people still are of that opinion. My life tells a completely different story. I intend to share my experiences, the lessons I learned and the mistakes I made. Of course I wouldn’t want you people to make the same mistakes I made. I want you to learn. Learn from my experiences, my shortcomings and my wrongdoings.  

When people tell you to change, turn a deaf ear to their negative opinions. If you’re an introvert embrace it, live it, breathe it and don’t start to change that just because somebody said so. That’s the mistake, the monstrosity I committed. I tried to change my self. And for the worst, I thought I was doing myself a favour. Please don’t change yourself. In my opinion and looking back at my experiences, I think that being an introvert is a blessing. 

And remember “Quiet mouths have the loudest brains” 

Good day people. Stay safe.