My Poems

Chorus of my broken heart

Twist and turn
My love I will burn
For you I will run
Through the rhymes
Through the cast of times
But you will hear
In every laugh and every cry
Through that tear left in my eye
The Chorus of my broken heart
Through all the heartbreak
Through all the pain
Through all those nights
I spent in vain
You’ll find the deeply hidden
Love in my broken heart
When at night I cry
And let my eyes run dry
I laugh again as the dawn breaks
On the deep blue horizon
The blood red sky
And there on that road
I swear my love
You’ll hear the Chorus of my broken heart
When you’re alone
When my memory makes you cry
Rest your head on my chest
And listen to the world
As it echoes
Through the chorus of my broken heart

-Osama Bin Khalid

My Poems

Agonist recess

Concealing a pain deep
Deep inside my eyes
I was walking in the cold breeze
In the serenity of the night
There in the farthest sight
I saw a pair of eyes
Deep, shining bright
I could feel it penetrating
Right into my soul
Judging me for every deed
Every sin in every creed
I conceal the pain
In the carcass of life
I’m a Valley of dreamers
In the remoteness of that cold night
The cradle of thoughts
Through which I cried
My dreams, my soul, my heart
I am me. The world is mine
I’ll never flip for the thing
That never was mine
I am me. The world is mine

Osama Bin Khalid