My Poems

True love

In the wake of the armies
My fears led
Amidst the flames
I lost something I truly ever loved
As I could never step
Could never sit on the throne
I once called home
This question I ask myself
How could I ever go on
Without loving my own self

My Poems


There I saw somebody staring at me
Through the window beneath the deep blue sky
The frailty in my gait
The fragile creation of love and myth
As I walked upon the sands of time
Love feasted on the chorus of my broken heart
As the beats put out this beautiful song
I could feel her hearing it
Beyond the mighty universe
Greetings from heaven
The heavenly love stood by at the door
Staring at me
As I saw somebody, staring at me!

My Poems

The one for me!

You are the one for me. If I could ask for something, I would want you time and time again. Hope that makes sense. 

As harsh as life had been on me
This pit I fell in to
This love I lost for life
In the distance I saw this starlight
And there she was
Shining as bright
Gave me love
Gave me hope
Gave me a reason to hold on tight
Before I knew
I was back up on my feet
I have been hungry for so long
And yet, she manages to satiate that thirst
Every single time
In that moment I knew
I was handing away my heart
My soul, my love, my life. 
The peace I made with her
Was the best bargain I could ever make
In this mess I call a Life. 

Osama Bin Khalid