Now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good!

-John Steinbeck

We are so busy existing that we forget to live. We take life as a marathon. This endless run people, it ain’t gonna end well for you, trust me. From the moment we blink our eyes for the first time, we’re thrown into a world where you are required to be perfect. Your parents want you to excel in studies. They want you to ace everything. When you come of age and go out into this big dark cold hearted place they call this world. I said “cold-hearted”. Some day I’ll elaborate on that too, how places you’ve been they retain a little bit of your heart then make one of their own. 

You don’t have to be perfect. When have you ever seen perfect in this world? So be good. Try to find a way into other people’s hearts. Try to excel beyond these limited short-sighted societies. Strengthen yourself with a little bit of meditation every now and then. Love that you give out falls upon you as a light that illuminates your soul. Gather up the broken pieces of others and one day, maybe, just maybe you’ll be PERFECT!


-Osama Bin Khalid


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