As we race to the finish line. The things, the beautiful things we left behind. You look for love in diamonds. I see love in light. So enlighten my soul with the sky reaching down beneath my skin. I am the child of freedom. Enslave me for long, you can’t. I will violate the darkness I left behind. I will transgress the beauty of my mind. I will fly. Float away into the sky. 

The trace I left behind, spent with thought in time. As I bleed the joy of every last drop of life left in the corner, deep dark corner of my soul. O my lovely Icarus, don’t fly too close to the sun. I discern your wings melting away. If it’s not the picture of freedom then to hell with this life. I gathered up myself, packed my bag. As I saw Icarus soar into the sun. The deep blue sky

-Osama Bin Khalid


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