My Poems


​Move on

I was told

I had everything under my name, sold

I saw my thoughts, my dreams

Getting old

I let my visions slip by

In my vicious ignorance

My slumber got bold

The sun rose

The stars shone

The dreams I once had in my mind, blown

World was as it was ages ago

It was me who

Before even tried, fold
It was there when I made it

Crafted a promise to my own self

I will rise above my pestilent thoughts

Cry for help, I won’t

By the dawn of that day

I will soar above my fray

Won’t let my emotions stray

As I stand here in pity

Everything around me turns gray
It was then, I looked into

The eyes of the world

It was then, I knew

I was stronger

It wasn’t me who needed the world

It was the world that needed me
-Osama bin Khalid


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