My Poems


All of the emotions
Pile up inside of me
Looking at the world
Through my limited perception
I let my soul tarry there for a moment
Looking at the pitiful contrivance
Held by us mortals
I strive with my own thoughts
Yet I am alone
Alone in my wisdom
My views are not sanctioned
I am alone in my frights
Afraid of the Paradox
Of life itself
I strive
But join me
Support me
In my limited but true perception
That truth you are afraid of
Breathes deep inside you
As your fancies sojourn
At the edge of your imagination
Look inside your souls
For the truth is there
Don’t be afraid
Grasp it
Vent it out
Surround it with positivity
Live it
Breathe in its shear serenity
Support me
And my adulation for the blessings
For I discern
With the eyes of my soul
I am in content
With my views

-Osama Bin Khalid


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