My Poems

Dying Light

I told her I was afraid
She said “Don’t be”
Dismal life I lead
In consternation I breathe
Tell me
What kind of life shall I dream
In time you will see
The grim reality of existence
Fade away from your eyes
For I will be there
On the other side of the light
The waves you see
The depth you feel
The trickle of fear
The culmination of human power
For we always prevail through hard times
Fear is instrumental
The limits I dream are spurious
With fear
In time I shall transcend
Beyond that Dying Light

Don’t let that dying light fade away
Give it a new interpretation
With a kiss of life
Surround fear with positivity of love
The paragon of strength
Life inside me
I shall discover it
With my own frights
The darkness will give way to light
My fears will fade away with time
I shall conquer myself
For I am  the Padrone
Of my own destiny
I shall face the demons inside me
I shall learn to defy
Only then
Will I not be petrified
Of these fears engraved
Into the very existence of my soul
I shall give a meaning
A life to that Dying Light

Osama Bin Khalid


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