My Poems


I recently wrote this for my fiancée Hajra Haroon from the bottom of my heart. You are such a positive influence on me. May Allah always keep us together. 🙂

My heart stings

My soul aches

In the seclusion

Of my own fray

The lack of sympathy is evident

In the gazes I discern

But in all of this solitude

A sense of content

Washes over my head

Experiencing this shear serenity

I’m resolute

I sense a hand over my shoulder

Proceeding over to caress my back

I turn around and find you

Right beside me

Gazing deep into my soul

My fictitious pain

My feigned aches

Suddenly disappear

I sail into the vastness

Of these calm waves

Where I’m at peace

With you beside me

I shall prevail

I shall succeed

My Poems

Yearning for contentment

Each moment passes
Leaving me in this frantic state
This longing I have
This yearning for contentment
Rescue me from myself
I’m hanging by a thread
My heart is full
I hope that one day
I will be
Free from all these mortal desires
My sworn enemy
My very own self
My fears and frights
I swear
I will rise above them
But for now
Bless me
With content
With my long yearned satisfaction
Rescue me from myself
I’m hanging by a thread


Serene life

I looked up at the sky
Agitation filled my eye
Tears rolled down my cheek
As I thought more about life
I realized, I could not breathe
My imagination runs wild
As I ponder upon the deep tide
The turbulent life
I envision it in my mind
In that instant
I see a light
At the far end of the horizon
Or is it just my imagination
In that light
Ideating a picture of that perfect life
Living deep in my fantasies
The light strikes hard into my soul
Brings me back from the hole
I dug for myself
Threw myself in it
In that instant
I see that light
As a ray of hope
The mean to escape my fright

In that moment
Gratitude fills my heart
Appreciation for life
I am serene
My soul is in peace
I experience the tranquility

As once turbulent sense of mind
Is transformed
Into an example full of life
For I am serene
My soul is in peace

My Poems

Dying Light

I told her I was afraid
She said “Don’t be”
Dismal life I lead
In consternation I breathe
Tell me
What kind of life shall I dream
In time you will see
The grim reality of existence
Fade away from your eyes
For I will be there
On the other side of the light
The waves you see
The depth you feel
The trickle of fear
The culmination of human power
For we always prevail through hard times
Fear is instrumental
The limits I dream are spurious
With fear
In time I shall transcend
Beyond that Dying Light

Don’t let that dying light fade away
Give it a new interpretation
With a kiss of life
Surround fear with positivity of love
The paragon of strength
Life inside me
I shall discover it
With my own frights
The darkness will give way to light
My fears will fade away with time
I shall conquer myself
For I am  the Padrone
Of my own destiny
I shall face the demons inside me
I shall learn to defy
Only then
Will I not be petrified
Of these fears engraved
Into the very existence of my soul
I shall give a meaning
A life to that Dying Light

Osama Bin Khalid

My Poems


The life I lead
Is mine to lead
The light
At the end of my tunnel
Shimmers and winks
It’s my light
But here I stand
Stranded in the depth
Of their Prejudice
The feeling of being judged
By these mere mortals that surround me
And yet
They are completely oblivious
Of their reality
The spring sprang
In the beginning of time
And yet
Here I stand in the depth
Of their Prejudice
The love I feel
The relations I have
Are mine to honor
The melancholy of life itself
Seems to seep
Through the cracks in my heart
Deep into my soul
As a light shines
On the edge of my imagination
Brings me back to life
Tells me to lead that life
I always dreamed off
There is a yearning deep inside me
Helps me contemplate
Look at this world through
The eyes of my soul
For I let my imagination run wild
And yet here I stand
Stranded in their Preconceived ideas
But know this
I will succeed
I will prevail
That will be the day
I show them their way
I will no longer strand myself
In their Prejudice