Getting back up

We all have heard this saying at some point in our life

“Life knocks you down. It does not matter how you fell down. What does matter is how you get back up.”

Getting back up. What does this actually mean? What is the severity of this “Getting back up”?

You spend a whole year working tirelessly for the exam that is going to define your life. But for some particular reason, you unfortunately fail the examination. You start thinking to yourself “What’s going to happen now?” You don’t see a way out from that mess. At this point, life has knocked you down. But getting back up? Easier said than done.

You have your dream job. You are happy. You are living the dream. One day, your boss calls you and tells you that they are going to have to let you go. You are unsure what your next step is going to be. Life has knocked you down. But getting back up? Easier said than done.

I could give you countless examples of life knocking you down and where you start to think that you might not get up after this fall. But you still do, don’t you? Somehow, you still manage to prevail. Because you see, we are bigger than life itself. Bigger than the ideas and the world that surrounds us. Here I would like to tell you about a teacher of mine. He once told me a little story which went a bit like this
“I got married when I did not even have a job. I took my wife out for the first time but I did not have any money in my pocket. We wandered around here and there. Then we thought of getting some drinks. We whipped out some change from here and there and bought the drinks. After enjoying them we did not return the bottles to the shopkeeper. Instead we kept them as souvenirs. Today I show those bottles to my children and tell them that you have it all made for you. But it wasn’t like that for me. I had to build my life up from scratch.”

Quoting Neil Gaiman saying “Make Good art” might be appropriate here. Maybe that’s his way of saying “Get back up”. Because you can. Only those who refuse to give up and they at least try are the ones who prevail in the end. You are the master of your own destiny. Write it as you want it. Write in it your dreams and the person you want to be. Then work towards that. But please be just to yourself. People who succeeded in life always tell the stories of the hardships they had to endure. You see, success? That’s never achieved by someone who refuses to get back up, who gives up. No. Success is destined for those who know that they have to get up no matter how deadly the fall might seem. Like I said before, be just to yourself. Be Just to your dreams and that certain cause for which you wake up every morning. This life is yours and yours only. Take care of it because you only get one shot at life. Love and take care of yourself. Spread love.

With that I leave you in Allah’s grace. Stay safe people. Have a good day.


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