Redefining our dreams.

“I need some career advice. Can you guide me?”
The words of a bloke I used to know back in college.

I was astonished that this person came to me for career advice. Like I was something. I could not deny him coldly now, could I? It’s strange what other people think of you. The thoughts you never defined for yourself. Anyways, I went ahead with it.

The first thing I asked him “What do you want out of your life?”
“Money”, he replied.

I got to thinking, like I always do. My mind was racing a mile a minute. I could not comprehend that all a person could want out of his life was wealth. Of course having some substantial amount in your bank account doesn’t hurt. But still, Money can not be the sole purpose of your life, could it?  I once expressed to a fellow that I wanted to become a motivational speaker. Guess what he said? “If you become famous, people would pay you large amounts of money to speak at public gatherings”. I expressed my dream, that’s what I did. I want to become a motivational speaker not to earn money but to influence others. I want to get into the minds of people. I want to tell people to get up from their slumbers and do, just DO. Do what they dreamed, do what they want, do what they fantasize. I want to tell them about my mistakes. I want to tell them that they can. They can achieve whatever they want out of their lives, that their dreams can be materialized. This was the passion, the fire inside me that drove me to write this blog. To influence others in a positive way.

Work for your dreams people. Trust me, you can. Start out at a small level but at least start. Define your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals and your visions. Start today. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish. Break them down into sub categories. Start ticking them off one by one after accomplishing each one.

A person once said “People don’t fail because they aim high and miss, they fail because they aim too low and hit”

Stay safe people. Good day.


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