Introvets hate people, a common misconception.

“Why do you even come to school if you don’t want to participate in the group discussions?” These were the words of my Science teacher back when I started 9th grade. 

I wasn’t always an introvert. My surroundings and people around me played a substantial role in secluding me to the premises of my room. I always used to think that introverts were born that way. And many people still are of that opinion. My life tells a completely different story. I intend to share my experiences, the lessons I learned and the mistakes I made. Of course I wouldn’t want you people to make the same mistakes I made. I want you to learn. Learn from my experiences, my shortcomings and my wrongdoings.  

When people tell you to change, turn a deaf ear to their negative opinions. If you’re an introvert embrace it, live it, breathe it and don’t start to change that just because somebody said so. That’s the mistake, the monstrosity I committed. I tried to change my self. And for the worst, I thought I was doing myself a favour. Please don’t change yourself. In my opinion and looking back at my experiences, I think that being an introvert is a blessing. 

And remember “Quiet mouths have the loudest brains” 

Good day people. Stay safe. 


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