As I was sitting in my terrace looking over at the dark sky, deeply lost in thoughts the sun started to shimmer up the horizon. The cool breeze was chilling and seeping through my flannel. I started to wonder about how I had come to be in that perfect moment where everything made sense. I thought about how fortunate I was. I had this amazing gift bestowed upon me where I could just sit by myself and think about the gloomy world around me. At that moment, I just wanted to reach out and apprise to the world of what they were missing out on. When you are deeply lost in thought, the things around you start to come together. Suddenly this eccentric world with all of its bizarre anomalies starts to make sense. You can suddenly see the world for what it actually is.

A surfer hunts for that perfect wave and fancies that moment when he conquers that perfect wave. I hunt for the same in that perfect moment where all of my thoughts and my perceptions start to make sense to my aberrant mind. For thinking is to the mind an everlasting dose of reality. Even though your mind fantasizes about all of your deep fantasies but still does not lose touch with reality. You see the human mind? It’s a very anomalous creation of God. No one has and no one ever will be able to conquer this little yet so stupendous organ of our mortal body.

Then comes along the topic of soul. To me, thoughts are what keep a soul alive. Like Marianne Wilson once said “The soul is the truth of who we are”. Just like our souls, our thoughts define our very own existence. I always say that our soul is beautiful. It’s the radiance of our soul which keeps us going through thick and thin. And the only way to achieve that inner radiance, that inner light is to be alone by yourself and just think. Feed your soul as you feed this mortal body of yours.

Think positive for there is nothing more harmful than a negative thought. Think about yourself, the relations you have with other mortal beings. Think about life and death for death is something that cannot be denied. Think about love for it drives you and gets you through your day no matter how miserable it might be. Think about all those moments you spent in ignorance of yourself and your surroundings.

“Let the fancy roam
Pleasure never is at home”
                                                    -John Keats


Getting back up

We all have heard this saying at some point in our life

“Life knocks you down. It does not matter how you fell down. What does matter is how you get back up.”

Getting back up. What does this actually mean? What is the severity of this “Getting back up”?

You spend a whole year working tirelessly for the exam that is going to define your life. But for some particular reason, you unfortunately fail the examination. You start thinking to yourself “What’s going to happen now?” You don’t see a way out from that mess. At this point, life has knocked you down. But getting back up? Easier said than done.

You have your dream job. You are happy. You are living the dream. One day, your boss calls you and tells you that they are going to have to let you go. You are unsure what your next step is going to be. Life has knocked you down. But getting back up? Easier said than done.

I could give you countless examples of life knocking you down and where you start to think that you might not get up after this fall. But you still do, don’t you? Somehow, you still manage to prevail. Because you see, we are bigger than life itself. Bigger than the ideas and the world that surrounds us. Here I would like to tell you about a teacher of mine. He once told me a little story which went a bit like this
“I got married when I did not even have a job. I took my wife out for the first time but I did not have any money in my pocket. We wandered around here and there. Then we thought of getting some drinks. We whipped out some change from here and there and bought the drinks. After enjoying them we did not return the bottles to the shopkeeper. Instead we kept them as souvenirs. Today I show those bottles to my children and tell them that you have it all made for you. But it wasn’t like that for me. I had to build my life up from scratch.”

Quoting Neil Gaiman saying “Make Good art” might be appropriate here. Maybe that’s his way of saying “Get back up”. Because you can. Only those who refuse to give up and they at least try are the ones who prevail in the end. You are the master of your own destiny. Write it as you want it. Write in it your dreams and the person you want to be. Then work towards that. But please be just to yourself. People who succeeded in life always tell the stories of the hardships they had to endure. You see, success? That’s never achieved by someone who refuses to get back up, who gives up. No. Success is destined for those who know that they have to get up no matter how deadly the fall might seem. Like I said before, be just to yourself. Be Just to your dreams and that certain cause for which you wake up every morning. This life is yours and yours only. Take care of it because you only get one shot at life. Love and take care of yourself. Spread love.

With that I leave you in Allah’s grace. Stay safe people. Have a good day.


Redefining our dreams.

“I need some career advice. Can you guide me?”
The words of a bloke I used to know back in college.

I was astonished that this person came to me for career advice. Like I was something. I could not deny him coldly now, could I? It’s strange what other people think of you. The thoughts you never defined for yourself. Anyways, I went ahead with it.

The first thing I asked him “What do you want out of your life?”
“Money”, he replied.

I got to thinking, like I always do. My mind was racing a mile a minute. I could not comprehend that all a person could want out of his life was wealth. Of course having some substantial amount in your bank account doesn’t hurt. But still, Money can not be the sole purpose of your life, could it?  I once expressed to a fellow that I wanted to become a motivational speaker. Guess what he said? “If you become famous, people would pay you large amounts of money to speak at public gatherings”. I expressed my dream, that’s what I did. I want to become a motivational speaker not to earn money but to influence others. I want to get into the minds of people. I want to tell people to get up from their slumbers and do, just DO. Do what they dreamed, do what they want, do what they fantasize. I want to tell them about my mistakes. I want to tell them that they can. They can achieve whatever they want out of their lives, that their dreams can be materialized. This was the passion, the fire inside me that drove me to write this blog. To influence others in a positive way.

Work for your dreams people. Trust me, you can. Start out at a small level but at least start. Define your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals and your visions. Start today. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish. Break them down into sub categories. Start ticking them off one by one after accomplishing each one.

A person once said “People don’t fail because they aim high and miss, they fail because they aim too low and hit”

Stay safe people. Good day.


Introvets hate people, a common misconception.

“Why do you even come to school if you don’t want to participate in the group discussions?” These were the words of my Science teacher back when I started 9th grade. 

I wasn’t always an introvert. My surroundings and people around me played a substantial role in secluding me to the premises of my room. I always used to think that introverts were born that way. And many people still are of that opinion. My life tells a completely different story. I intend to share my experiences, the lessons I learned and the mistakes I made. Of course I wouldn’t want you people to make the same mistakes I made. I want you to learn. Learn from my experiences, my shortcomings and my wrongdoings.  

When people tell you to change, turn a deaf ear to their negative opinions. If you’re an introvert embrace it, live it, breathe it and don’t start to change that just because somebody said so. That’s the mistake, the monstrosity I committed. I tried to change my self. And for the worst, I thought I was doing myself a favour. Please don’t change yourself. In my opinion and looking back at my experiences, I think that being an introvert is a blessing. 

And remember “Quiet mouths have the loudest brains” 

Good day people. Stay safe.